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#PeriodPainFree nutritional & herbal supplement

You will receive a link to complete an online health assessment after checkout. 


Each 1 month supply comes with 1 bottle (60 ml) of healing herbs personalized to your needs. Subscriptions are delivered monthly as plant-based healing takes time to rebalance the body (choose a delivery schedule of every 21, 28, or 32 days to match your cycle length). Skip or cancel at any time. 

*Fear of commitment?! Same here, that's why we offer a risk-free guarantee with subscriptions of 3 months. Check out our FAQs more info. 

How to personalize: After checkout, you will see a link to complete your online health assessment. Once you submit the questionnaire, our Chinese medicine doctors will analyze your results and send you a personalized #PeriodPainFree herbal healing formula. 


Each 60ml bottle contains 10mg of custom blended healing herbs. You will receive a list of the herbs in your blend with the shipment. Please email if you have any allergies. 

Please visit Why Chinese Herbs for a list of sample ingredients and our latest research. 

How to Use 

Your order comes with 1 bottle (2oz) of herbal elixir. The daily dosage is 6mL droppers of herbs, taken 2 times a day in the week leading up to your cycle.

Tips on how to best enjoy your herbs:
  • Give the bottle a good shake to mix it up and get max benefits
  • Mix the herbs into a cup of water for an instantly soothing tonic
  • Squeeze in lemon and/or honey to add more flavor
  • Drop into a nourishing cup of tea - check out this blog for some of our favorite teas
About Us 

Studies show that 80% of women experience period pain - we believe 100% shouldn't have too. 

When Lulu went off birth control 18 months ago, she experienced the most debilitating, stab-me-in-the uterus cramps, along with extreme bloating (don’t even think about fitting into jeans!), sharp headaches, backaches and sleepless nights (not to mention the insane mood swings)...”I felt like a less functioning version of myself and hated it”

She called her best friend Nicole, a board-certified acupuncturist and herbalist pursuing her doctoral degree on Chinese medicine and women’s health. After a long intake assessment, Nicole prescribed Lulu a personalized herbal healing formula.

“My grandfather ran a hospital in China so I grew up drinking herbal tonics before they were trendy. Still, my cramps were so awful, I was a bit skeptical drinking some herbs could be more effective than Midol + Exedrin...I hated the idea of being addicted to toxic pain killers (which didn’t work half the time!) so was desperate for a natural solution.”

The next month, after drinking the herbal formula 7 days before her period, Lulu noticed her flow was significantly lighter and no more stabbing pains. “My period was almost a non-event, I couldn’t believe it!”

As Lulu started telling friends about how herbal healing cured her period woes (and led to better skin, sleep and feeling less stressed - who knew all those things are connected to hormones?!), everyone wanted in on the period herbs...just like that, #periodpainfree was born.

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